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CA10/CS10/CT10: How to Re-link

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CA10, CS10 & CT10: Re-Link Procedure If remote stopped working or the talk light keeps flashing green. 

If the link between your remote and the base has become corrupted, try re-linking (a.k.a re-subscribing) them To Re-link: 1. Verify that the cables are connected properly and that nothing is loose. 2. Separate the battery from the remote. 3. Unplug the AC power adapter from the bottom of the base. 4. Wait for 30 seconds. 5. Re-connect the battery to the remote. 6. Put the remote/battery pack into the charging base. 7. While holding the remote in the base, plug the AC power back into the bottom of the charging base. 8. Verify the red power light is on, and check the charge light.  9. While the remote is still in the base, press and hold the TALK button on the remote or base. 10. The green talk light should come on and stay solid green. 11. Listen for call on the headset to verify successful link. More information is available in the Troubleshooting section of the User Guides (attached below.)