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Savi Go: How to Adjust the Fit

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This article describes how to adjust the fit on your Savi Go.

Recommended Placement
For best sound clarity and comfort, make sure your headset fits securely and is placed with the microphone boom pointing towards your mouth. To find your best fit, try wearing the headset on each ear and testing the optional headband. The following sections provide additional information.
To Wear the Headset on Your Other Ear
1. Lift the ear loop.
2. Swivel the ear loop to the right or left.
To Install the Headband
1. Gently unsnap the pre-installed earloop from the headset.
2. Snap the headband onto the headset. The headband can be adjusted to fit. Illustration of how to install the headband on the Savi Go
To Remove the Ear Tab
The ear tab has been designed to maximize stability of the headset. It can be rotated on the headset to optimize its fit and comfort in the ear. If desired, the ear tab can be removed by pulling the tab from the headset.

Illustration of how to remove the ear tab