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How to get My Habitat Soundscaping

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The My Habitat Soundscaping feature allows an individual user to play a personal Habitat Soundscaping theme on their Plantronics headset. With a nature-inspired theme playing on their headset, users are able to block distracting noise in their immediate environment and achieve deeper concentration. 

If your enterprise is a Habitat Soundscaping customer, they may wish to enable the My Habitat Soundscaping feature. This feature requires both Habitat Soundscaping and Plantronics Manager Pro.  Contact your Plantronics sales representative to learn more.   

To get started:

•    Update to Plantronics Hub for Windows/Mac v3.12. 1 or higher. (To see if you have the required version of Plantronics Hub, go to Help -> About Hub.)
•    Choose your headset under “Device.” (If you are using a Bluetooth headset with a BT600 or BT300 device, do not choose the BT600 or BT300 as your device. You must choose your desired headset.)
•    Look in Settings for My Habitat Soundscaping and click on it. 

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