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About incoming and outgoing calls when My Habitat Soundscaping is active

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The My Habitat Soundscaping theme will automatically pause when it detects an incoming call from a softphone supported by Plantronics Hub for Windows/Mac. Click here for a list of  Supported Softphones.

Plantronics Hub Does Not Support all Softphones

For softphones that are not supported, you will need to manually pause the My Habitat Soundscaping theme for an incoming or outgoing call. 

•    To pause or play a theme, use the Plantronics Hub app menu in the system tray (Windows) or the top menu bar (Mac). 

Note the following examples of unsupported softphones: 

•    Plantronics Hub for Mac does not support Skype for Business or Skype Consumer
•    Plantronics Hub for Windows does not support Skype Consumer
•    Plantronics Hub for Windows/Mac does not support web-based softphones

Example: Pausing My Habitat Soundscaping for an incoming call – Mac

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