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Zoom Client Call Control

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  • Issue descriptionUser cannot end a Zoom meeting by pressing the call/answer end button on the headset
  • CauseBy design – Zoom API does not allow the headset to end the meeting.
  • ResolutionUser will need to end the Zoom meeting via the Zoom client interface. Meetings ended by the organizer will close the radio link and hence users will not need to press the headset button

Steps to Reproduce: 
  1. Join Zoom meeting
  2. Press headset button to end Zoon meeting
  3. The meeting will still be active (radio link will be closed if using a wireless headset
  4. End zoom meeting by closing Zoom application

PC/MAC Specify platform Affected & Operating System: PC Only (Zoom compatibility not supported on MAC
Hardware (Cell Phone, Headset, Portable Device etc.): NA