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Savi W740: Headset Power

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If the headset battery is installed and charged, the headset is automatically on.  The headset does not have an on/off button.  If you won't be using the headset for a long period of time and the headset will not be in the charging cradle, place the headset in sleep mode or remove the battery. Place the Headset in Sleep Mode Placing the headset in sleep mode with a fully charged battery will provide up to 50 hours of standby time.
  1. While the headset is idle, press the call button for three seconds until you see the headset flash white twice.
  2. To wake the headset, press the call button again until you see two white flashes or hear three high tones.
Battery Storage Time If you remove a fully charged battery from the headset, it will provide up to 75 days of battery storage time, stored under the normal conditions. Talk Time With a single full charge, the headset will provide up to 7 hours of continual talk time.  Talk time will be reduced when operating in wideband mode and/or if the headset is used consistently at a long distance from the base.  You can replace the battery mid-call, without losing the call, as long as a charged battery is reattached within 5 minutes.  This allows for unlimited talk time.