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Information on Skype

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What is Skype? Skype is a Company that allows people everywhere to make free, unlimited, superior quality voice calls via its innovative peer-to-peer software. Skype is available in fifteen languages and is the fastest growing voice communications offering worldwide. Since its launch in August 2003, Skype has been downloaded more than 8.2 million times. Skype Technologies S.A. is headquartered in Luxembourg and is growing with personnel in Copenhagen, London, Stockholm, and Tallinn. Skype Technologies is privately held and backed by top-tier international venture capital firms, including Bessemer Venture Partners. Plantronics & Skype Support Plantronics' Technical Support department can assist you with any questions that you may have about the Plantronics headsets.  However, you will need to contact Skype directly for all inquiries about your Skype software.  Please follow this link to contact Skype: If you are not sure if your problem is coming from your headset or a software program, please close the software.  Then test your headset in the Windows Sound Recorder (Start>Programs>Accessories>Entertainment>Sound Recorder).   If your headset works properly in the Windows Sound Recorder, then the headset functions as it should.  In that case, please contact your software vendor for additional support. Low volume when using Skype Skype includes an automatic volume control that works with your computer if turned on. This might cause your volume to be lower than desired. Open the Skype Options; TOOLS > OPTIONS and click “Sound Devices”.  The Plantronics headset should be selected for "AUDIO IN" / "AUDIO OUT". Below these settings is a check box labeled, “Let Skype adjust my sound device settings”. This tells Skype to change the computers volume setting based on the call level. Uncheck this so that you can control the computers volume manually. Make sure you save these settings. To control the volume manually,  open your computers volume click START > CONTROL PANEL > SOUNDS and AUDIO DEVICES. You will see a Device Volume slide control. Adjust your volume as needed.