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TSB/M10/M12: Comparison

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The TSB is not the same as the M10/M12.
  • Two H tops can be use simultaneously, with both receivers and microphones live.  This enables supervisors or monitors in a call center or training environment to take over a call when needed without changing headsets. 
  • No Batteries are required.  For those applications requiring supplemental power, our standard AC adapter is provided with the unit. 
  • No on-off switch is on the unit. The unit is "on" all the time , either in call center mode where calls are routed automatically, or when the telephone set is off hook. 
  • Slide switch configuration positions 1-5 are selectable.  Slide Switch position six is not needed and is not selectable. 
  • Two mute switches are selectable one for each H top. 
  • The housing shell is smooth surfaced, with white mute buttons and rotary receive gain thumbwheel.