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Savi 700 Series Troubleshooting: Savi radio does not initiate when running Lync 2013 with Spokes

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I just upgraded to Lync 2013.  I am running the latest Spokes software (2.7.14092.0).  When I initiate a call from the Lync the headset does not wake up and I do not hear audio.  I have to press the call control on either the headset or base to hear.  How do I correct this?


The problem occurs due to a compatibility issue between Lync 2013 and Spokes 2.7.14092.0. The problem is corrected in Spokes 2.8 (2.8.24304.0 or higher).  Spokes 2.8 is available on the Plantronics site at

If you wish to continue running Spokes 2.7.14092.0, Plantronics recommends the following work arounds:
  • Press the headset call control before launching the call.
  • Enable audio sensing in Spokes.