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  • Pink Poly Sync 20
  • Travel Case
  • User Guide 
  • Lanyard
  • Poly Lens Software – Free Download

On the side of your speakerphone there is a lozenge shaped button.  

Press and hold the button for approximately 3 seconds to switch the speakerphone on.

Touch sensitive user controls for call / answer end, mute, and volume +/-

Access your favorite function—play/pause music, last-number redial, voice assistant and more —with the touch of the programmable button.

Take it with you wherever you go—it’s slim, sleek and modern, and comes with its own carrying case and lanyard.

Protect your investment from the hazards of home-working —it’s IP64 dust- and water-resistant.

Enjoy easy connectivity for however you want to work with your devices—just connect smartphones wirelessly via Bluetooth® or computers via USB cable.

Work on the go all day long—the battery stays charged for up to 20 hours.

Keep your smartphone charged and ready using your Poly Sync 20.

Keep the focus on your voice, not the background noise with a multi-microphone steerable array for echo and noise reduction.

Know the call status, even from a distance, with the highly visible light bar.

When you plug in the USB cable of the Pink Poly Sync 20, Windows should automatically set it as the default device for all audio.  If it does not do this automatically, you can set this manually: 


Start menu > Control Panel > Sound > Playback tab > Pink Poly Sync 20 > Default Device > OK.

In addition, you may need to set the Pink Poly Sync 20 as the audio device independently in any communication or collaboration applications you use.  If these are browser based, you will need to close the browser window, connect the Pink Poly Sync 20 to the USB port, then open the browser window again.

To connect (pair) your Pink Poly Sync 20 put your speakerphone in pair mode.

Do the following:  Ensure your device is switched on by pressing and holding the power button for 3 seconds. 
Now press the Bluetooth button until you hear “pairing” and the status bar pulses blue.

Activate Bluetooth on your phone and set it to search for new devices.

  • Phone Settings > Bluetooth > On*
  • Android: Settings > Bluetooth > On > Scan for devices*

NOTE:   *Menus may vary by device.

Select “Poly Sync 20”

If prompted, enter four zeros (0000) for the passcode or accept the connection. Once successfully paired, you hear “pairing successful” and the headset LEDs stop flashing.

NOTE:   Your speakerphone can pair with up to 8 devices but only maintain 2 connections simultaneously.

A single app for customizing and maintaining your compatible personal devices with support at your fingertips. 

From your desktop go to to download Windows or Mac Software.

Plugging in your Pink Poly Sync 20 to a USB port on your computer, will charge battery. 

When charged, you can take it away with you to join calls, or listen to music anywhere from your mobile device.  

To find the battery charge level, trun on the Pink Poly Sync 20, tap the power button and listen to the voice alert or observe the status bar. 

The battery status is also displayed in the Lens app on your desktop.