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Smart Camera Technology

Poly DirectorAI technology is the brain behind our cameras; it's like your meeting room director whose job is making sure that everyone has a fair chance at success in hybrid meetings.



The Future of Video Conferencing

Poly DirectorAI smart camera technology

Meeting and collaborating over video has become increasingly popular, but video conferences can come with their share of disruptions and frustrations. Fumbling around with cameras to make sure the speaker is seen well or zooming in on participants can interrupt the natural flow of the meeting. Our Poly DirectorAI smart camera video conferencing solutions take care of the camera so you can focus on the business at hand.

Smart Camera Modes

Poly DirectorAI intelligent framing modes automatically adjust according to the dynamics of your meeting to enable the best experience possible for all attendees. Switch between framing modes depending on your meeting type and preferences.*

Group Framing: Frames entire group on screen
People Framing: Creates a close-up frame for each person on-screen and presents them in a composited gallery
Speaker Framing: Zooms in and frames speaker on screen; defaults to group framing when no speaker is detected
Presenter Tracking:  Zooms in to frame main speaker on-screen, and continues to follow them in real time as they move


Poly Studio X70 and New Software for Large Conference Rooms

The recently unveiled Poly Studio X70 is beautifully engineered, all-in-one video bar that combines razor-sharp 4K video with boardroom filling stereo sound for the best meeting experience available.

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5 Big Moments from Zoomtopia 2021

Zoomtopia 2021's theme was Imaginarium, and Poly was excited to showcase our complete suite of certified hardware solutions for Zoom and how they help companies reimagine their workspaces.

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Poly & Microsoft: Delivering Equality for Hybrid Meetings

In today’s hybrid work environment, it’s critical that participants who are joining a meeting remotely feel as if they are sitting alongside team members.

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Powering Hybrid Classrooms with Poly Studio USB

Pre-pandemic classrooms were rarely equipped as distance learning studios. Now, schools worldwide have turned to the Poly Studio USB (and other outstanding Poly products) to meet the new challenges of educating both in-person and remote students.

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* Group Framing, People Framing, Speaker Framing and Presenter Tracking modes vary by product. Reference product datasheets for the most current availability.