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Training options that fit your needs. Learning opportunities can help everyone in your organization understand how to use collaboration solutions to streamline decisions, engage more with your customers, and increase productivity. 


Training to ensure your success

Today's technologies are intuitive and easy to use, but organization-wide business transformation requires a strategy, a plan, and expertise on how best to integrate technology into your daily workflow. Poly University offers over 100 technical training resources ranging from short self-study documents, videos and online tutorials, to remote lab sessions, instructor-led and in-depth virtual classroom programs. These learning opportunities can help everyone in your organization understand how to use collaboration solutions to streamline decisions, engage more with your customers, and increase productivity. We have the training resources to ensure that your team succeeds with today’s collaboration technology.

Learning Options

Online Tutorials

Poly University offers a wide variety of online tutorials and courses, incorporating solution visualization, quizzes, simulations and walk-throughs.

The courses range from basic product overviews, through Unified Communications (UC) technology theory, to solution design and support.

Remote Labs

Poly University hosts a remote lab environment for our students, and we offer a number of self-paced remote lab courses.

Register with the Poly University for one of our remote lab classes to gain practice with Poly solutions and improve your real-world skills.

Instructor-led training (ILT) and Virtual instructor-led training (VILT)

As well as offering self-paced online courses, Poly University has a team of qualified instructors available to provide in-depth training, either remotely over video, or in-person at one of our fully equipped training centers. Contact the Poly University team to determine training eligibility and to discuss your options for instructor-led training delivery.

Assessments and Certifications

Many of our courses have associated assessments to help you to gauge your learning progress, and some courses also lead to one of our certification programs, enabling you to gain recognition for your achievements.

Get Certified

Get Certified

Poly Expert Program Certification

The Poly Expert Program is a framework for a portfolio of technical training and certification offerings from Poly University.

Our goal is to provide individuals with an opportunity to follow a progressive learning and certification path, from fundamental understanding at Specialist level, through to advanced technical skills at Expert level, and to acknowledge technical competency with an industry recognised certification from Poly.

The Poly Expert Program is open to everyone, including end customers, the Poly Partner community, freelance consultants, students studying computer and communications technologies, and any individual who is interested in learning more about Poly solutions and the technology of Unified Communications.

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Poly Customers

Poly University offers a range of courses to help our end customers make the most of their Poly communication solutions. From System Administrator training to end user best practice training, Poly University courses can help you maximize your collaboration experiences.

Poly Partners

We provide a variety of learning and certification opportunities for our partner resellers and distributors, to help you to fully understand the rich portfolio of communication solutions from Poly. To access our partner courses, please login through the Poly Partner Portal.


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