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Last Modified Date: 07/14/2023
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BT700 Firmware Release Notes

June 2023

What’s New 

This firmware release includes the following new features:
  • The BT 700 Adapter now pairs automatically with a Poly headset without requiring the user initiate pairing from Poly Lens Desktop or Plantronics Hub.
Resolved Issues 
This release resolves the following customer issues:
  • FSR-008751 - BT700 LED turns off when trying to transfer a call from an Avaya One-X Communicator softphone.
  • ECS-2274 – Erratic volume changes on Voyager 5200 UC headsets when adjusting the volume via a  sound mixer. In some cases, complete audio loss can occur.
  • ECS02147 – After BT700 is upgraded to the currently available version, the transmitted audio is blocked in calls made with the Swyxit software when Plantronics Hub 3.25 running. 
This release also includes other minor bug fixes.

February 2023

What’s New 
This firmware release includes the following new features:
  • Support for the Voyager Free 60+ UC Wireless Earbuds and Smart Charging Case.
Resolved Issues 
This firmware release includes minor bug fixes

April 2022

What’s new
  • Fixed an issue where BT700 used with Voyager Focus caused random crackling on the microphone
  • Other minor bug fixes

September 2021

What’s new
  • Fixed an issue where ending an incoming call unmuted an existing Skype for the Business call on certain headsets
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements on volume and mute behavior


July 2021

What’s new
  • Fixed issue where the volume could not increase after it is adjusted to the lowest volume level
  • Improved mute sync with BT700 and Voyager headsets
  • Fixed bug where the same FW version update is offered on the Overview page in Hub even after the update is successfully completed
  • Other minor bug fixes