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Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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HL10 Lifter: Ring Detection Not Working

My HL10 Lifter is not detecting when my phone rings. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
Typically, there are three things can that negatively affect a handset lifter's capability for detecting when a phone is ringing:
  • The phone's ringer volume
  • The phone's ring style
  • A malfunction of the lifter itself
When you receive an incoming call, you should hear three low tones in your wireless headset. If you have a handset lifter but do not hear the incoming call notification, try the following:
  • Check the placement of the lifter. Make sure the handset lifter is positioned directly over the phone's speaker. Click here for installation instructions.
  • Try adjusting the phone's ringer volume. If the phone's ringer is too quiet, it may not trigger the ring detection built into the lifter.  Try turning up the ringer volume on your phone.
  • Check the ringtone of the phone. If your phone's ring tone provides short beeps or plays music, the lifter's microphone may not detect it.  Try switching your ringtone to a traditional ring or long beep.
  • Does the phone have different rings? If so, try changing so all calls use the same tone.
  • Attach the optional external ring detector, which is included with your handset lifter. Click here for more information and for installation instructions.