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Last Modified Date: 12/10/2021
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AP15 Troubleshooting

AP15 Audio Processor Troubleshooting Information
I cannot hear callers or callers cannot hear me.   Possibly - Compatibility switch set incorrectly Cable not plugged in correctly. Move compatibility switch and listen for a dial tone. Check connections to your headset and telephone. Ensure that you can hear a dial tone. Possibly - Headset/Handset setting incorrect. Ensure that the green indicator is showing on the headset/handset button.     Possibly - Low listening volume. Increase the listening volume by pressing the + at the top of the listening volume button.   Possibly - Mute function switched on. Press the mute button to deactivate mute if the mute indicator is orange.     Caller cannot hear me clearly.     Adjust the speaking volume switch so you can be heard clearly. Do not set this level too high.     I have to adjust the volume on every call.   Adjusting volume on phone will cause volume to change for each call   ADRO adjusts input for a consistent output. Use the listening volume button on the AP15 to set the desired volume level.