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DECT Frequencies in Use Globally

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Different regions of the world have adopted different DECT frequency ranges. The most common DECT frequencies are from 1880-1900 MHz. This DECT frequency allocation is the most widespread and is used in Europe. This DECT spectrum is unlicensed and technology exclusive, which ensures almost interference-free operation.

The bands 900 MHz, 1900-1920 MHz, and 1910-1930 MHz are also in common use as DECT frequencies outside of Europe. The following details where various frequency bands are in use:

  • 1880-1900 MHz - Europe and Australasia 
  • 1900-1920 MHz - China, but in negotiation
  • 1893-1906 MHz - Japan
  • 1910-1930 MHz - Latin America
  • 1910-1920 MHz - Brazil
  • 1920-1930 MHz - US and Canada
US DECT and DECT 6.0 products may not be used in Europe, as they cause and suffer from interference from European cellular networks. Use of such products is prohibited by European telecommunications authorities. European DECT products may not be used in the US or Canada, as they likewise cause and suffer from interference from US and Canadian cellular networks. Use of these products are prohibited by the Federal Communication Commission and Industry Canada.