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Spokes Known Issue: Cannot end the ringing of an outgoing WebEx call from the Plantronics device

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An outgoing call dialed from Cisco WebEx Connect using the “Call This Person’s Computer” option cannot be ended using the device’s Call Control button while the call is ringing.
For calls made using the “Call This Person’s Computer” option, WebEx does not provide API (Application Programming Interface) support to allow the call to be ended until after the call is answered.
End the ringing call from the WebEx GUI. This issue may be addressed in a future release, pending API improvements by Cisco.
Affected Operating System(s)
All versions of Windows
Affected Software Application(s)
All versions of Spokes when using Cisco WebEx Connect
Affected Hardware
All Plantronics devices supported by Spokes (refer to the Spokes Install Notes)
Date Raised
9 August 2012