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Spokes Known Issue: Escalate IM to Voice does not Work in Lync 2013

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Spokes does not escalate a Lync 2013 IM to a voice call when configured on the ‘Preferences’ tab of Plantronics Control Panel (PCP) and a headset with Smart Sensor™ is put on (DON).
Lync 2013 removed the Application Programming Interface (API) previously used by Spokes to escalate an IM to a voice call in Lync 2010.
Initiate the voice call manually in Lync 2013; alternatively, if automatic escalation of an IM to a voice call on DON is required, Lync 2010 must be used instead.  This issue will be addressed in a future software release that incorporates new Lync 2013 APIs.
Affected Operating System(s)
All versions of Windows
Affected Software Application(s)
Spokes 2.7 and later, with Lync 2013
Affected Hardware
All PC compatible devices with Smart Sensor, including Voyager Pro UC (v2), Voyager Legend UC and Blackwire 500/700 series headsets
Date Raised
January 22, 2013