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Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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MHA100: How to Replace the Batteries

This unit uses 3 Zinc Air type 675 or AC675 batteries.
To Replace the Batteries
  1. Remove the battery door by sliding it off to the side of the MHA100 (see below).
    Image of the MHA100 battery location
  2. Remove the batteries by turning the MHA100 upside down. The existing batteries will drop from their slots.
  3. Peel off the battery covering using the tab and allow the battery breathe for about 1 minute.
  4. Place the batteries into the MHA100 with the + (positive side) facing up.
  5. Replace the battery door by sliding it back on to the MHA100.
NOTE: Remove expired batteries to prevent leakage.
Expected Battery Life
30-40 hours of continuous talk time depending on usage and volume setting.