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Last Modified Date: 06/07/2021
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M1100: How to Adjust the Fit

How do I adjust the fit of my M1100 headset?
The headset comes fitted with the medium size eartip. If the gel eartip feels loose or tight in your ear, you should change it. To replace it for the small or large size eartip:
  1. Pull the loop of the gel eartip to remove it. Important: Don’t pull on the speaker base and stem.
  2. Using your thumb, tuck the bottom of the eartip over the speaker and pull the loop of the eartip over the speaker. Important: Don’t push the speaker through the gel eartip.
  3. If the fit still does not feel secure, clip on the earloop to the stem for extra stability.
  4. The loop of the gel eartip tucks into the back curve of your ear for a stable fit. You may want to rotate it to best fit your left or right ear. Click the eartip into place using the matching grooves in the speaker so that the eartip doesn’t move out of place during use. Make sure the loop on the gel eartip points away from the headset.