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Article ID: 000028973
Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
Access Level: Public

MDA200: Indicator Lights

Indicator Light Status Indication
Solid green Connected to PC audio (this is on by default)
Flashing green Incoming PC call
Flashing yellow PC audio on hold
Flashing green Incoming desk phone call
Solid green Desk phone audio connected
Flashing yellow Phone audio on hold

Both icons flashing green for 2 seconds MDA200 is booting up - once complete both LEDs will be off if no headset is connected. 

If a headset is connected the PC icon will remain solid green.
Solid red Firmware update in progress - follow firmware update instructions to clear once complete.
Solid red Over current condition - using HL10 without power supply.  Unplug MDA200, add power adapter, re-plug MDA200 to PC.
Flashing red Headset fault - replace headset and power cycle the MDA200.