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Last Modified Date: 10/12/2021
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What's new in Group Series 6.1.0?

(Feb 2017) Polycom announces the new release of Polycom RealPresence Group Series software v6.1.0   WHAT'S NEW New Features in Version 6.1.0 RealPresence Group Series system software version 6.1.0 provides the functionality described in the following areas:
  • Introducing the Polycom EagleEye Director II Camera System
  • Microsoft Office 365 Updates
  • Support for RealPresence Touch Device Help Desk
  • New and Modified API Commands
  • Audio EN-6341 Occasionally, a RealPresence Group Series endpoint becomes automatically muted between 1 to 20 minutes after a Skype for Business AVMCU call has been established.
  • Audio EN-9092 The RealPresence Group Series system cannot receive audio from the Polycom QDX 6000.
  • Call Management EN-6330 The RealPresence Group Series endpoint calling a Lync AVMCU via Dial-in Conferencing Service is disconnected after being on the call for 35 to 45 minutes.
  • Call Management EN-8879 RealPresence Group Series was not listing non-Lync audio-only participants in an AVMCU call.
  • Calling EN-11147 Content is not visible from a RealPresence Group Series system when hosting a mixed rate call. This was corrected by properly down-speeding thecall.
  • Calling EN-7217 The RealPresence Group Series system fails to join a meeting if the meeting is first created in Exchange and then “Skype Meeting” is added to the invite.
  • Calling EN-7223 Occasionally when a RealPresence Group Series system is in an extended Skype for Business CCCP call exceeding 2 hours, the system may reboot.
  • Calling EN-8876 Occasionally, calls to Lync 2013 meetings from the RealPresence Group Series 500 system take up to 2 minutes to connect.
  • Configuration EN-11547 The “Use Input for Microphone” setting has changed to “Playback Options” when configuring audio settings.
  • Configuration EN-7200 When Camera 3 HDMI input is configured as People, it does not display as a source on the RealPresence Touch device.
  • Configuration EN-7205 Occasionally, the RealPresence Group Series system reverts to out-of-box mode.
  • Configuration EN-7894 The “Decide For Me” monitor configuration option was removed in software version 6.0.0. In software version 6.1.0, the option “Far, Then content, Then Near” was added as an option under Monitor 1 settings. With this setting enabled and “Content, then Far, then Near” on Monitor 2 enabled, it will simulate “Decide for Me. 
  • Content EN-11270 When a user gives content control from the Lync client to a RealPresence Group 310 system with software version 6.0.0, the user is unable to uncheck the Control Remote checkbox.
  • Content EN-6337 User can modify the People + Content IP directory content on a RealPresence Touch device.
  • Content EN-7186 The RealPresence Group Series endpoint fails to receive content in a SIP call while registered to RealPresence Access Director unless the RealPresence Group Series endpoint shares content first.
  • Content EN-7510 The Control Far End (RDP control) dialog box is not accessible when the content displays at the bottom of the screen.
  • Device Management EN-7322 Logging on RealPresence Group Series stops when remote logging is enabled and LAN is down on the system. Logging does not restart when the LAN is back up.
  • Directories/Address Books EN-7852 The RealPresence Group Series system was checking the current number of directory entries plus the number of entries when importing a new directory. The system now correctly parses the XML file and checks for new and unique entries. If it exceeds the 2000 entry limit, the system will return “Out of Resource.”
  • Directories/Address Books EN-8674 RealPresence Group Series creates duplicate entries when importing a directory that was edited externally.
  • General EN-6378 When the RealPresence Group Series system is the chairperson in an RMX call, you cannot initiate call recording from the system.
  • Interoperability EN-6375 In a CUCM conference, if one RealPresence Group Series system is configured with BFCP TCP and the far-end RealPresence Group Series system is configured with BFCP UDP, the content does not work.
  • Interoperability EN-7199 Sometimes the RealPresence Group Series system does not register to the Lync Server after upgrading to software version 6.0.0.
  • Interoperability EN-7204 The RealPresence Group Series system doesn't send DTMF commands to RealPresence Collaboration Server if the system is not registered to RealPresence DMA.
  • Interoperability EN-7214 Calls between the RealPresence Group Series and Huawei endpoints disconnect after 30 mins in SIP calls.
  • Interoperability EN-7564 Sending content from a RealPresence Debut system to a RealPresence Group system with BFCP set to TCP may fail if the RealPresence Debut system initiates the call.
  • Localization EN-7196 When the HDMI input is configured as the second people video source, it displays as Unknown in non-English languages.
  • Messages EN-7216 The RealPresence Group Series system does not play any audible sound along with the calendar event reminder message.
  • Peripherals EN-11150 When Tracking Mode is disabled for the EagleEye Director camera system, the feature is automatically enabled when the user unmutes the microphone during a call.
  • User Interface EN-11261 The time on the RealPresence Touch device was incorrect by one hour in some time zones.
  • User Interface EN-6307 Sometimes the Answer/Hangup button does not display on the RealPresence Touch panel when an incoming call is received.
  • User Interface EN-6374 A RealPresence Touch device may not present content status on monitors connected to a RealPresence Group system.
  • User Interface EN-7194 The RealPresence Touch device displays a message that the device has obtained an IP address automatically when the device has no address or a manually configured address.
  • User Interface EN-7206 Sometimes the date on the RealPresence Group Series system reverts to 1970, and the time changes unexpectedly after rebooting due to an interruption during boot up. At this time, the IR remote controller does not respond and the system can’t be turned off by the power button. To correct this issue, the IR is disabled until the boot up completes. The user is advised not to touch the power sensor until the system boot up completes.
  • User Interface EN-7208 After upgrading a RealPresence Group system that has an admin password enabled, a RealPresence Touch device does not automatically pair with the system.
  • User Interface EN-7210 When selecting a camera source using the RealPresence Touch device, the input source is labeled incorrectly.
  • User Interface EN-7234 When selecting a camera source using RealPresence Touch, the incorrect camera product names are displayed.
  • User Interface EN-9167 When a call is on hold, the Hold Duration option on the Manage Conferences screen on RealPresence Touch displays the total time of the call instead of how long the call has been on hold.
  • Video EN-7193 The RealPresence Group 700 system fails to count for resolutions that do not fall into the 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios.
  • Video EN-7232 The Auto Mode option for multipoint conference calls is working as Presentation Mode.