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Poly has joined the HP family! From August 7, 2023, Poly Support contact options will connect you to HP. This portal will be live until November, when we'll move to the HP Customer Support site.

Thanks for choosing Poly Studio P21

Watch the Setup Video

Step 1: Install the Poly Lens Desktop App

The app helps you complete the setup of your Studio P21 and configure the settings.


Step 2: Install the DisplayLink Manager Application

You may have already installed DisplayLink Manager for Windows or Mac during the Poly Lens Desktop installation. If not, download and install it from one of the links below.


Step 3: Connect Studio P21 to Your Computer

Plug the power cable and included USB-C cable into your Studio P21. Connect the other end of the USB-A cable to your computer. The end of the USB cable with the attached adapter MUST connect to your computer – the cable does not work the other way. See the Studio P21 Setup Video for more details.

Now you’re ready to use your Poly Studio P21! See the Quick Start Video for more helpful tips.

Watch Quick Start Video


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